PrescriptionGiant is a FREE prescription savings program that can save you up to 75% on your prescriptions with or without insurance!

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  • About Us

    The PrescriptionGiant® free prescription savings card was created to help people across the US and Puerto Rico obtain affordable healthcare services. The PrescriptionGiant® card provides free access to discounts of up to 75 percent off prescription medications.

    There is relief in sight! In response to recent requests, PrescriptionGiant® is proud to offer a free Prescription Discount Card Program to its members!

    Medications have been the fastest growing component of healthcare costs for the past 5 years. The free PrescriptionGiant® prescription savings card allows you, your family and friends to easily save money on prescription medications. Anyone with or without insurance can save on their prescription medications with PrescriptionGiant®.

    How to Use this Website

    Step 1:

    Download and print our Prescription Savings Card. No registration required!

    Step 2:

    Determine the prices for your medicines by going to our Search Pharmacy Cost page. Once there, look for the Pharmacy Locator and Drug Price Finder. Type in your drug’s brand name and click search. This will generate the option to select the generic if it is available. A drop down list from which to select your drug will be generated.

    Step 3:

    Stay put on this same page. Just below the drop down prices and a list of choice of pharmacies in your area that accept our card will be shown. . Congratulations you’ll now be able to research cost and determine who accepts our Prescription Savings Card before visiting the pharmacy so there are no surprises.

    Choice of Pharmacies

    Step 4:

    Go visit the independent pharmacy with your prescriptions in hand or have them sent electronically. As an alternative, you can call the pharmacy ahead of time but be prepared by having the necessary information readily available (pharmacy where refills are currently on file, address, phone number, and your Rx numbers).

    Step 5:

    Present your Prescription Savings Card aand doctor’s prescriptions (or have them sent electronically) to the pharmacist.

    Step 6:

    Finally, pat yourself on the back for being proactive and a job well done! You now have another resource to help battle the high cost of prescription drugs – take advantage of it.

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